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First week in the office – Done

Finished one week in the office! It has been an interesting week, finally feel like I have most things under control. I am slowly starting to form a routine. Every morning a car comes to pick us up 7:30am and we make the 30 minute journey to the office. I still find the car ride to the office to be fascinating. Only in India will you hear lots of honking, see men peeing on the street, have cows block traffic, and see a family of five on a motorbike on your way in to work. I spend most of my day answering questions. Most days the other people on rotation and I go out for lunch. Surprise, surprise my favorite lunch place is subway:). Most days, depending on the amount of work we leave the office at 7pm. In an attempt to avoid traffic we take the back roads. Let me tell you, it is not for those with a weak stomach, to say that the ride is bumpy is an understatement.

On most nights I have been hanging out around the apartment. Although on Thursday we went to a nice to dinner to see Alyssa (our intern) off as that was her last week. Afterwords we went to bar which was located on a rooftop of a 15 story building. It was really nice and we got a nice view of Bangalore. I find it funny that no matter where I go in the world bars are always the same. I was surprised to find out that all bars in Bangalore close at 11pm. It is apparently also illegal to dance at bars, yes I have entered footloose.

Unfortunately, I had to work on Saturday, but afterwords Casey, Christine, Greg (the other people on rotation) and I went to the Hard Rock. It was though we were transported back to America. All of the sudden the staff was efficient and the food was exactly as it is in Boston. After a great meal Christine and I headed to a restaurant near our house for drinks and dessert. It was nice to sit around and chit chat.

Yesterday Christine and I hit commercial street, the main shopping area in Bangalore. At first it was overwhelming with all the stores and the people but you quickly get used to it. As I was about to give up, I finally found two outfits that fit me. I was worried that since Indian woman are smaller then me I wouldn’t be able to find anything in my size.

Overall the week was a success, I feel like I am slowly starting to adjust to this new lifestyle and liking it:)

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First day in the office

Made it through the first day in the office. It was strange, and interesting and overwhelming. Part of it was because I had been away from work for two weeks and part of it was just all the newness of everything. Kind of felt like I was a new hire for a little while there.

Naturally I get there and nothing is set up. Welcome to India I know. But it was interesting to finally put faces with the names. It was weird to see what they were like in relation to the impression I got from their emails. Overall should be an interesting three months.

I feel a little behind since the other people have been here for a while but they are all super nice and are really helpful in getting adjusted. I can start to see a routine forming which is what I like. If only I was table to get the food situation under control then I would feel a lot better and more in control.

Like the old lady that I am, I’m heading to bed at nine. For some reason this day wiped me out.

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Flight over and First week in India

After what felt like a million hours of flying I finally made it to India. Considering that I had just been on an airplane a week earlier with the same flight it was starting to feel like complete deja vu. But alas I made it to Bangalore, after my driver (:) wee I have a driver) picked me up at the airport we drove to the apartment and made a quick turn around to go back to airport to fly to Delhi. It was amazing how different Bangalore is to Kanchipuram, like the normal big city vs. small town issue.

It was great to see Ima again. After a quick shower we took to the streets (because we are cool yoo) and Ima fed me some delicious food after which I promptly passed out, what can I say I am talented. As I was getting ready it came to me that for the first time in a while, no matter what I wear I wont fit in, it was kind of comforting, and then you know I walked outside. After some deductive reasoning I have ascertained that the reason that they are starting me was not my hello kitty shirt but rather my paler then white skin and huge boobs. After taking an informal survey of all the women that we passed during the week, I will have to say that there was one woman who close to me. Obviously I should have been a scientist.

After a good nights sleep (surprisingly I was not jet lagged) we set out to explore the city at the trust worthy hands of Jesse, our tour guide, not uncle Jesse from full house unfortunately. We went all around what is considered to be “New Delhi” and by new they mean the British built it, It was really nice, and really interesting. The city itself is huge and always have things going on. Most of the time I didnt even know which direction to look at. Jessie also took us to see a Sikhism  where they serve 25k people a day, I guess our little soup kitchen has nothing on them.

After our wonderful tour we did what all sensible people would do, we went shopping! I got some Indian clothes which you know totally make me look Indian (or more like a white person wearing Indian clothes but whatever)

On the second day we did Old Dehli, and when they say old, they mean old. It amazes me how old some of these buildings are and even more how they survived the million people that went through India and claimed to take power. We also got to go into the markets and some of the more crowded areas it was really cool. We ended up finishing the day at a Bahai temple. It was really interesting, plain but overwhelming. On the suggestion of Jessie we went to my old hang out spot Saravana Bhavan, it was just like it in Kanchipuram, ice cream and all.

The next day we started heading out towards Agra and the famed Taj Mahal, on the way over we stopped at a few pretty temples (for a change, there are never enough temples in India). One of them, which they said was one of the oldest in the world, had monkeys running everywhere, it was amazing. After a quick stop at a fort, which was amazing but still a distraction from the main attraction we finally went to the Taj. And let me tell you, it was as amazing as everyone says its, enough said.

The next day we went back to Delhi and I convinced Ima to go back to my hang out place, Saravana Bhavan. Not sure Ill ever have enough poori. The following day we ventured out to visit the ‘Disneyland of Spirituality’, what we thought was going to be a three hour visit turned into an all day affair. This is a hindu temple that is part of a huge 50million dollar complex. They have movies and dolls and lines just like Disney; but really, the amazing part of this was the actual temple. AMAZING is an understatement, there was just statues everywhere, and carving everywhere, it was really cool. The only uncool part of this was that we couldn’t bring our cameras in, so the only picture I have is from the metro station.

The next day we hit up the market, as usual it was overwhelming and we bought one thing. Yes I know, productive. But afterwords we hit up the Indra Gandhi museum. Yes, I went to a museum willingly. It was interesting, very propagandy but still interesting. Afterwords I helped Ima pack by playing solitaire and she was off to fly home. I flew out the next morning and safely arrived in Bangalore:D. More to come….

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All packed and ready to go!!

Two hours later finally done, all packed (again) and set to go. I guess this means I’m really going!! I guess I’m still in shock that this is happening, I really had my doubts there a few times.

All my stuff is ready to go, and I guess I am as well. The natural worrier that I am I have an endless list of things to worry about, but I’m staying calm and listening to the timeless mantra ‘everything will go the way it is meant to’.

And on that happy note bed here I come! Let this exciting/scary/exciting/one-in-a-lifetime trip begin!!


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