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You know its the end of busy season when….

You know when it is the end of busy season when my personal life fills up with tons and tons of fun things. Its been one fun week since the end of busy season! Last Wednesday was Ganesh Chaturthi, the idol Ganesh’s birthday. Which is a pretty big deal in Bangalore, so much so that we got the day off:). We were told that if we see 50 Ganesh statues that we would have good luck, so Christine and I went hunting! Some of them can get as high as ten meters. We started the day off at the Iskcone temple where we were join by Madura and Jay two super awesome girls from the office. The Iskcon temple is a huge temple for Krishna run by the Hari Krishna. While I expected to see lots of dancing people who sing (like you see on the street in Coply) it wasn’t really like that. The temple was huge and there wasn’t any dancing but a lot of people overcome by faith. I found the temple to be a bit commercialized as we walked through at least seven stores on our way out, but still really pretty. At the end Jay and Madura surprised with some super delicious home made treats. Unfortunately, pictures are only allowed outside the temple, so I don’t have many, but I have some!

The artistic picture

After the temple we ran into a neighborhood Ganesh. As was explained to us every ‘locality’ pitches money together to buy a local Ganesh statue. After the festivle ends the Ganesh is buried in a body of water. We then headed to commercial street to buy me a wedding outfit:). It was really fun to shop with the girls, I almost felt like I was at home shopping for a little. Well that was until we arrived at every location and had to ask for the big size. Christine was nice enough to remind me that its because Indian woman are so tiny not because I’m fat. It was a really fun day, but I got back to the apartment and collapsed! It was sooo tiring!

Thank goodness I only had a short day at work the next day and then I flew to Goa:). Goa is a state on the left side on India (do you love how accurate I am?) which is known for vacations, beaches, food, and partying. aka heaven. Although I had to cut my trip short it was great! Casey and I walked up the beach where we were stopped by at least six people to sell us things and to tell us how white we were. Truthfully, I think I may have blinded some of them with my whiteness. We also spent a lot of time at the pool and its swim up bar. It was a nice super short vacation. I wish I had more time but I feel like I got the essence that is Goa, mostly reminded my of Cancun.

So the reason that I had to cut my trip short was because of BALU’S WEDDING:). Balu, one of the awesome guys that I work with was getting married and I had to go. It was really really interesting and super fun! So the invitation said to show up at 7, so naturally, I show up at seven. NOT the right thing, everyone forgot to mention the whole Indian standard time aka if it says 7 you show up 8. So I spent an hour looking around and meeting Balu’s family (I tend to stick out).  The first part of the wedding was the reception during which the bride and the groom stand at the front of the hall and greet all of their guest. Sounds like a nice reception line from the states, except when you have 1,500 guests. It took at least three hours (I left), and I think Balu smiled a total of four times; I got him to smile woot woot.

After standing in line forever and sweating a lot to the point where my bangles started to turn my hands blue we finally got to greet Balu and his wife (and give them their present). And on a side note I got to meet Santosh and Manus’ kids and the were sooooo cute, except that my whiteness scared them too. We took some snaps, and then headed downstairs for the feast. It was factory style as there had to be at least 1,500 people that had to be fed. It was kind of neat, and dare I say it, efficient! Naturally I could only eat about half of it because it was so spicy but it was still great.

Look at the size of those pots!

While waiting to be seated for the super yummy food I took a part in a photo shoot, because you know I am a model.

The next day is when the actual ceremony took place. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see a lot of it because of the large crowd but I did get to see a part of it (mostly through the nice TV cameras). After the bride and groom are officially hitched everyone throws rice at them, just like at a bar mitzva it was cool. After that, the bride and groom sit and every guest walks through and pours milk on their hands and then some rice on their heads. I guess it to wish good luck to the new couple. While waiting in the (long) line to pour some milk a little girl pointed at me and started speaking. After some quick translation by Jay it was determined that she had stated that I look like a doll. Good thing, I think.

Overall, pretty amazing experience,

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Happy (insert occasion) to meeeeeeeee

Recently I have been walking around the house/office/neighborhood/car rides/restaurants/ etc. singing my very own happy song.

It is set to the birthday song, so feel free to sing along:)

First verse:

Happy New Year to me

Happy New Year to me

Haaappppyyyyyyy Newwwww Yearrrr to Meeeeeeeeeeee

Happy New Year to me

As many of you know the Jewish new year was this past Sunday/Monday. It has been one of the more odd ones I have celebrated. I am used to spending this holiday with my family or at least a Jewish community of some sort. Unfortunately, after harassing the Chabad Rabbi it was determined that there will not be a service this year in Bangalore. No worries, my roomies were good sports:) I ran down to the store to find some candles, naturally they didn’t have what I wanted, but I was able to find some birthday candles so I bought a “1” and a “8” candle. I also got some apples and honey (a must:)). I lit the candles, let me tell you, not really the same as being at home, and we ate some apples with honey and we headed out to a really nice restaurant in town. After many many tries I was successful in calling my family and it was great to hear their voices and to wish them a happy sweet new year.

A few years ago, when I went to services in Cambridge the rabbi there said that whatever you do on the New Year you will do on the rest of the year, and since he is a rabbi he is always right. As such, I was determined to have a super fun, super relaxing, new year. I spent Monday (yes I had the day off:)) at the pool relaxing. I spent my day doing nothing and it was glorious. Well until I got home and realized that my legs were sunburned but whatever, it was great none the less. I only hope that the rest of this new year goes as well.

Second verse:

Happy deadline to me

Happy deadline to me

Haaaappppppyyyyyyy deadlinnnnneeee too mmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Happy deadline to me

This year September 17th marked the tax filing deadline. As usual, we worked tons of hours to get everything done. While things are quit different on the side of things (i.e. return prep) it has been quit a deadline. It started earlier then usual as the Q-center gears up before the Boston office, but the end was a lot more relaxing. There was no working in the office past midnight for days on end. Just like in Boston, you get the feeling that you bond with people as you all work hard towards a common deadline.

The one good thing about the deadline was that I got to try a lot of Indian food  as that was the food that was delivered to the office on the weekends. My game plan on most days, was to find one ‘lucky’ volunteer to point out what food was spicy. Some where better then others, and I quickly learned who not listen to as my mouth was on fire. I even tried some Indian desserts after which I stuck to ice cream.

Third verse:

Happy anniversary to me

Happy anniversary to me

Haaaappppppyyyyyyy annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniversary too mmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Happy anniversary to me

September 15th marked my anniversary with KPMG. It has been interesting, I look back to the day that I started and just think ‘wow’. I wont lie, I never thought that I would make it as far as I did nor that the firm would send me to India. It has been both good and bad, but mostly just was. Its weird to me that so much time has passed since there are still days that I think that I am that intern who walked into the office clueless and scared.

Anyways, reflective mood done, off to sing this song to Christine as she loves it ooohhh so much 🙂 (read sarcasm)

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I have noticed that I have started to use my “Q speak” when not talking to Q-center and other locals. As such, I have started a dictionary to explain some of the most common ones:

  • Take a snap = take a screen shot
  • Do you have my mail = do you have my email address
  • Holiday = vacation
  • Festival = Holiday
  • Resign = quit, unfortunately this one has been quit popular the last couple of days
  • Club = add numbers together
  • Bifurcate = break apart
  • Toilet =bathroom/restroom
  • Cabin = office
  • Snaps = take pictures
  • Spectacles = glass
  • Cab = the cars that take everyone home
  • Lastly and most importantly:

Please do the needful