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Last weekish in India – Part II

After getting back from the falls I was whipped out, but no worries I only had one day in the office (I know I work really hard). Unfortunately, during that one day the big guy (ie the partner in charge of the Q-center) decided to come visit. So I had to be nice, he also brought a group of people with him who proceeded to ask me a lot of questions about my time at the Q. It was weird to talk about everything. But I did get a nice free dinner out of it.

After a very long day during which I was really nice to people, I headed out for a nice weekend trip. Adarsh even agreed to come with me:). Our first step was the Gommateshwara statue. The statue is 12 meters high and is all carved out of one stone. The Jain statue was located at the top of the mountain. After climbing 567 stairs we reached the top and we got to see the full figure naked statue. About 20 min after we reached the top we were lucky enough to witness a Jain ritual in which a group of Brahmin (the priest cast) poured water on the statue.

After the awesome statue and the workout of the stairs we headed to a palace. One of the old kings had his summer palace near Mysore, it was pretty awesome. It was at this palace that I decided that I should be king, they know how to live it big.

After Adarsh very nicely explained to me that I can’t be queen we headed over to see a bird sanctuary. It was naturally India style. I mostly saw crocodiles at the bird sanctuary. Either way it was nice, we took a fun little boat tour. It was highly entertaining to see how annoyed Adarsh got when I, as a foreigner, had to pay waaaay more than him. I guess at that point I had already gotten used to it.

Afterwords we headed to what became my favorite part of Mysore, the KRS damn. Granted its a little outside but it totally counts. Next to this HUGE damn they created these beautiful gardens. Apparently, lots of Bollywood movies are filmed here. As we got there, the sun was setting and we got to see the musical fountain. They coordinated the fountain to music and lights, it was fun. Afterwords we walked and saw the gardens all lit up. I just kept on walking around saying how pretty it was to the point where I think I annoyed Adarsh.

The next day we headed to a train museum. The tour book told us it was a must, and it was! It was really fun to play on all the old trains. Afterwords we headed to the main palace. Let me tell you, it was kickass. Yet again I wanted to be king! Unfortunately they don’t allow cameras in the palace but it was just plain out amazing! After the palace we headed to the zoo:) I made Adarsh spend over thee hours there. It was amazing. The hippos were even kind enough to put on a little show for us. There were lots and lots of people at the zoo and the palace because the Dhasrah festival was that week and everyone was enjoying their time off. After saying goodbye to the animals we headed to the local market. It was really cool, just like you see in all the pictures of India. Off course right in the middle there was a nice cow just hanging out.

The next day, I headed out for a day bike ride of Bangalore. Well to be more exact, around Bangalore as the streets of Bangalore are very dangerous to bicycle riders. We started the morning with an ‘easy’ 35 kilometer ride on the side streets. It was so pretty! Most of it was through the rural part of Banagalore. It was just so nice to see the scenery! Just as I was about to pass out from the ride we headed out to lunch, and had Tali. It was my last chance to eat the classic south Indian meal. After our delicious meal we headed out for a little hike. We got to see a gorgeous view of Bangalore from the top of a mountain, it was great.

After my long weekend I had two days in the office. Let me tell you, it was hard. I really didn’t think that it was going to be this hard to say goodbye to everyone. I really felt loved,

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Last weekish in India – Part I

The week started out great by celebrating my birthday in the office. While celebrating my birthday on the road back from Hampi was not ideal I was really happily surprised when on Monday I was called to the doughnut room by Mani to find some of the great people I work with ready to celebrate. They were sooooooo sweet to buy me a cake and even a gift:) I felt so loved and a part of the group! It was really an awesome way to celebrate a birthday.

On Wed we got a day off from work because it was Dashara, a Hindu festival which is really big in Karnataka. I considered going to see the main procession in which elephants draped in gold walk down the street, but instead I received a much better offer. The some of the people I work with and I planned a nice little day trip to the Hoganikal falls. You are hereby warned that there are lot of pictures of the trip:) These falls are about two-three hours away from Bangalore and they are amazing!! Not only are the falls great the drive up there was also really nice!! And to top it all off I got to spend the whole day with really awesome people. We started the day off by picking everyone up, and since this is Bangalore that took at least an hour. Than we proceeded to the falls. We made a quick stop for some dosa and poori, which was a delicious Indian breakfast. Than we made the rest of the way there enjoying our time in the car kidding and singing along to the music.

Once we got to the falls I was just amazed! There is a series of falls that just converge so all together to a total of about 20 falls. It was so pretty! The falls are apparently where a lot of the local people go for holiday, which was great, except that at some points I was the main attraction and not the falls. Before we even left, I tried to explain this to the group but they didn’t seem to believe me, well that was until we arrived and everyone started starting at me. Either it was super fun!

After our mini photoshoot and staring at the falls we hired a little ‘boat’ to take us around the falls. The ‘boat’ was basically a big half circle that we sat and the driver took us around. It was really nice as we got to see more falls and see them from a new way.

After some hard peddling on behalf of the drive, we stopped to go swimming, Indian style. And when I say Indian style I mean with our clothes on. As I was explained, no one wears bathing suits, that is just not appropriate. And especially not for woman when there  are men around. Either way, it was sooooooooo fun!!! We had such a great time just splashing around and enjoying the water.

After drying off we headed back home as it was getting late. We stopped on the way for some Indian food which was surprisingly not spicy, perhaps I am getting used to the food. We made on pit stop to reflect on the day,

And than we headed home:) Overall it was a really fun day trip and I totally wish that I could do it again:D

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