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Get ready for quit touchy feely post.

Tomorrow is my last day. There I said it! What has been five years, one month, and 16 days in the making (not including intern) is happening tomorrow. Not that anyone was counting or anything. Tomorrow I’ll get up, hit the snooz for an hour, get ready, clip my badge, on and head into work. It will be the last time I’ll walk past that blue logo and swipe my badge. It will be the last time I turn my computer on and walk over to Priscilla and debrief because you know I haven’t seen her in 12 hours. And truthfully as hard as it has been and as horrible as I thought it was, I’ll miss it. Mostly the people but it as well.

As I reflect on all the lasts that have been going on over the last weeks I find it amazing/interesting/entertaining that it’s the small stuff that matters to me. It’s the morning coffee run and the cat hair removal and the snarky morning comments that I think I’ll miss the most.

Actually all around this has been a learning experience. It’s been interesting to see people’s reactions. Mostly positive, but again it’s interesting and it puts a whole new perspective on my relationship with people. People who I thought wouldn’t care, cared and have shown it in some amazing ways (Godiva chocolate yum!) And safely, those that I thought would care; didn’t:( I guess sometimes your give a lot of yourself and you don’t get it back.

Yet in the end, it’s all about me. I feel like when it comes to this, and this journey that I am about take, it’s all about me! And it’s ok:)

And the touchy feely will continue…..

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The first of the lasts

Saturday was the first of my lasts… It was sad to say the least. It was the first of many things that will be my last in boston😞. It was my last time at the soup kitchen. For seven years I have been going on Saturdays to feed the needy the people of Boston. It was fun at times, hard at times, and mostly just great all around. It was really sad that it was the last time I will be setting up the tables, getting the food ready, serving people, talking to people, and most of all meeting great people all around. It a kind of a wake up call to what is to come.

Yesterday I gave my notice. For weeks I haven’t been sleeping, getting nervous of what is about to happen. It all culminated in me walking into the big guys office and finally getting it done with. It was… Not what i expected. But I am glad that it is over. I was finally able to sleep. It was really nice to see peoples reaction, most if not all were really happy for me. It was nice to see and feel.

Now I’m ready to start what is coming ahead, to London I go😃.

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