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I’m officially a Londoner (I think)

on November 19, 2013

It’s official I have been here a week, and what a week it has been!

But let’s go back to before that. The week between my last day and leaving was hectic to say the least. Lots and lots to do and little time. And to top it all off I had to deal with my visa issues. Long story short I didn’t get my visa (and passport) until the morning before my flight! Crazy!


Although I was lucky enough to have Aba and Ima come and help pack! Boy oh boy where they a G-d send!!!! Could not have done it without them. They mostly did most of the packing while I looked on in pure amazement. One long night later we had a full truck and we were on our way to store things back in Albany.

Getting in the plane was mostly weird, I can’t believe that what started as a random phone call back in May ended up with me picking up everything and uprooting my life to the other side of the world. Let the adventure begin!!

We (Aba Inbar and I) landed in London in the early morning hours and what I found out was quit normal waited for the driver. I get the sense that people here are late a lot. We drove over to the temp housing which is quit nice and then took Aba back to the train so he could catch his flight and had a good old English breakfast on the way (it had baked beens and everything! In an attempt to stay awake and not give into the jet lag we walked around a little. We just happen to somehow end up in the shopping district (we are girls after all) and found a nice super über busy cheap place where most likely I will buys lots of stuff.

The next day we hit the floor running to find somewhere to live. We followed some advice I got and just looked up a neighborhood (Inbar did most of this while I was sleeping) and started walking around. We found a letting agent (real estate agent for you Americans) and just walked in, and within minutes we where looking at apartments! Pretty much was what we did for the next couple days. I found apartment I liked and all of sudden the landlord demanded all 12 months of rent within the first 4 months. Insane! The letting agent said it was quiet normal, rubbish I tell you:) Long story short, I found another even better place. I’m pretty excited for it and I got it on Monday more details plus pics to come.

In between all of this flat hunting we managed to see quiet a bit of London. AND we got to see a show:) we went to see Matilda which was great! I really liked it!


We also got to see coven garden and the palace and another place where we ate food (as you can tell I’m really good with names). We also went to visit the rosata stone which was pretty awesome. To top it all off we also had enough time to make a day trip out to IKEA. I did a pretty good job restraining at buying a lot but it was fun to go and look at lots and lots of furniture.

Then I sadly had to say goodbye to Inbar but… I think I’m ready for what is about to come.




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