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Week one of work

on November 25, 2013

So after being unemployed for two weeks I started my new job on Monday:)

I won’t lie the first two days were kind of boring. They spent a lot of time telling us how great the company is. It’s like they where recruiting me to work at a company I already work at. But either way I guess it’s real:


Wed was my first day on the floor. It was nice to meet everyone. To my horror it’s a really really open office plan and to top it all off I sit next to a window which has a lot of activity. This is not good for my lack of attention span. Or I’ll look at it positively as this will help me learn how to focus. They are currently tearing down the blinding next door so it nice loud and distracting.


My new co-workers where nice enough to invite me to lunch so I got to hear about what the office is really like. That being said, surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly some things never change and the same stuff that people complain about here people complained about in Boston. The rest of the week was full of training and boardem although doing independence training with a British accent is pretty cool. I also somehow got lost going home one night and found this:


Isn’t the London eye awesome?

This weekend was full of mostly shopping to get the apartment ready. Basically went and sat on a bunch of sofas and looked at silverware. I also found some nice sheets so I finally have a nice bed.


That’s all the pictures I have right now of the apartment since the rest was such a mess. Yet again, I got lost and found china town on my walk.


Apparently it’s right near my house the only problem with that is that I found custard buns:) good for my sweet tooth bad my waist line


Overall good first week, excited for the week ahead except for the long training.


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