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Happy Hanukkah and thanksgiving

on December 9, 2013

I survived my first holiday:)

I won’t lie I was really worried about spending the holiday in London, all by my lonesome. I kept going back in my mind to the time I spent in India and spent the holiday by myself so I purposely set my expectations low. I need not have worried it was all good. Surprisingly the largest menorah in Europe was outside my window:)



How cool is that?! The second night of the holiday the London Jewish community had a fun party is the square. They had music and more importantly they had sufganiot! They weren’t as yummy as the ones in Israel but they hit the spot.

I also lit my menora and without Inbar there I had to pick the colors myself but I think I did pretty well! Judge for yourself.



Overall it was a pretty fun holiday! It was also a nice surprise that one day in the office I walked into the breakout area and the Jewish network had provided some more sufganiot

And speaking of work, we had a little celebration at work for thanksgiving. Now you know I don’t really care about thanksgiving but it was nice to have a pot luck. It was a nice distraction from not spending it with Inbar looking at Black Friday adds.


PS meet my new coworkers


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