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Udi and Esti come for a visit:)

on December 23, 2013

Udi and Esti came to visit me last weekend. Ok maybe I should rephrase that, they came for vacation and I just happened to be here.

I took a day off and spent the day walking around London with them:) We even went to the London eye which is where most of the pics are from.




I took some awesome pics of the happy couple but… It’s on Udis phone you will just have to trust me that they are really good pics. We also walked to the palace and around oxford street. And yes, Esti (and I guess Udi) LOVED prime mark. Hahaha

The next day Udi and Esti hit up the markets while I waited for my awesome couch which finally arrived!

Afterwords we headed over to borough market and had an awesome dinner and Jaimie Oliver place it was pretty awesome!

The next day we hit up Greenwich to see the zero marker for time.




More excitingly we ate some awesome grub right outside the line!



Just looking at all that yummyness I want more! It was some pretty awesome pie!!

Overall it was really fun! It was nice to see London through Udis eyes since he used to live here. And even more it was fun to spend some time with these two:)



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