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Back in the good old US of A

on January 16, 2014

After being gone for soooo long (two months) I made a nice appearance back in America. My first stop was the parental units digs (see I’m cool). It was nice to see aba and ima. I even had some fun alone time with Ima. We went to Beffs and had some super unhealthy food. I even had the privilege of going through all my stuff too see what was going to be moving to Inbar and see what was going back with me to London. Naturally I made a mess, aba was nice enough to pack it all up again:) And then the real fun started… we and by we I mean aba got to drive to OH. Aba and ima got be up at the crack ass of dawn and we started the really really long journey to OH with the UHAUL. Despite what we thought there was lots and lots of snow. There was a point in the trip where you couldn’t even see the road ahead.


But no worries 12 hours later we made it to OH:)


And then we unpacked the truck… and now Inbars house is a mess. I was going to help clean it up, but it was really more fun to sit around and do nothing and spend time with Inbar. And to top it all off, Inbar made me (us) homemade Pasta. How cool is that?!. Although in my short visit I was able to ruin her extension cord. Never let me blow snow again.


Then I headed over to see Jen. It was nice to see her and hang out with puppies, lots of puppies, and relax. Sadly on Sunday I had to get back to the real world and go to training. So Jen drives me to Deloitte University (DU), and it looks like a compound, like a cult compound down to the guard station.


Overall my time DU was. The whole compound and concept is pretty interesting. The basically built a conference centre just for Deloitte. All US training is held there and there is a hotel on the premises. So basically you spend the whole week there and your hotel and training are in one space. Way to get people to network. The interesting thing is that everything there is branded, down to the water bottle.






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