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In the land of plotlessness

So as a part of trying to meet new people I joined meetup. Meetup is a site that hosts groups and people that have similar interest basically meetup. One of the ones that I went to was called “Classic books I should read”. Sounds pretty cool, right? The first meetup was last week and the book was Catch-22.

photo 4

I went and got the book from the library and let me tell you it was dull! I could barley make it through the book. Every time I would start to read it again I was falling asleep. I think that the worst part of the book was that it had no plot. Basically it was this guy complaining. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to complain, but I also like books that have a plot. I didn’t even finish the book but I went to the meeting anyways. It was nice to talk to people that read the same book. Some people had interesting insight, but still the whole no plot thing killed the book for me. And to top it all of I had to pay .88 pence as a fine to the library for returning the book late. The next book is 1984, I have been assured that this book has a plot.

The plotlessness followed me to my next adventure. Groupon had some musical tickets on sale. It was pretty cheap so I thought, sure why not. I went to see “Let it Be”.

photo 3

Its a musical based on the Beatles. So I thought it would be like Ma Mia or American Idiot which I loved. But boy was I disappointed. Even though I had really good seats nothing could rescue this play.

photo 2

Basically there was no story, no plot, it was just the guys up there playing music. Look, I like the Beatles’ music, but really it was like going to a concert except that the singers didn’t have great voices and it was mostly boring. It was so bad that I left the musical at the half time. You read that right, even though I paid for it I left the musical.

The highlight of my week came when a fire started next door. Since I am oh so important I get to sit next to the window so I got a front row seat to the fire.

photo 1

Not sure what the construction people where doing, but at least it was entertaining to see them try to put the fire out.

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Surprise here I come

So a while back Yaeli mentioned that for her birthday they are all going to a hotel in Tel Aviv for the weekend. Naturally the first thought that went through my head was that wow I live so close wouldn’t it be cool if I went? And then the planning began…

I first recruited Merav to be my alley and she proved to be quit useful:) First she kept me updated on the date of the weekend. Once that was set, I convinced Aba to help me by issuing my ticket which saved me some $$ which is always great. Once I had the tickets the fun began. Wouldn’t it be more fun if it was a surprise? Well yes it was fun:)

So I (and Merav and Aba and Ima and Inbar) all kept our mouth shut as conversations about the weekend went on over viber and boy was it fun! To make the weekend even better it turns out to be savta hava’s birthday so I got a family meal out of it too!

So after a fun long day at work where we had a four hour long meeting followed by me being nice to people I hoped on the train and made my way to Heathrow. After a nice four a flight where I felt like a sardine I made it to tel aviv. Through prior planning and five million emails it was decided that I would make it to the hotel by myself. It was entertaining but I made it! And then the fun of revealing the surprise began!

I won’t lie it’s heart warming at how happy everyone was to see me. After spending a lot of time with people that don’t me, or I should say aren’t lucky enough to know me yet, it was nice to be with family who love me for me and know me and I can be me. One of the best parts of living in London is that I can be so close to the fam. Granted I wish it wasn’t so much $$ to go see them but it’s really nice they are so close! I’m excited that I will get to see them more than once a year!

Anyhow, we spent Friday eating cookies, talking, sleeping, and looking at the beach. Perfect day!!


And then Friday night we all got together at rinats to celebrate savtas birthday and it was fun! It was awesome to see everyone! And the food was great, not for my diet, but great for my taste buds!


Shabbat was filled with more family time and more eating and more feeling loved:)

After that I headed over to spend time with Saba Israel and savta hava. I’m really glad that I got to spend sometime with them. It was then that I learned that earth shattering things happen and people don’t notice. You are probably scratching your head and wondering what happened. Well Saba and savta bought new plates!!!

Now to some this might seem trivial, but they have had the same pink plates since before I was born, still don’t understand what happened there.

Sadly Sunday was my last day BUT I got to have breakfast with Esti and Udi since they where in the neighborhood! It was a fun unplanned surprise. Then I sadly has to go back to London. I like it here buts it’s alway sad to say bye. No worries I’ll be back in three weeks since Udi has decided to throw a little party I’m invited to:D


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